New Painted Rock Communications Website

Welcome to the new It’s just like the old site, only more so. All of the legacy customer applications can be found in the “Customer” section in the sidebar. In addition, we’ve added this blog and will also be adding twitter channels (more on that to come) for both announcements and critical updates. In the meantime, enjoy the redrawn logo and drop us a note if you have any suggestions.

Since we so often recommend the exceptional WordPress platform as the basis personal and business websites, we wanted to showcase WordPress as a corporate website to demonstrate that it functions just as well as a more complex cms. In particular, we wanted to demonstrate that an “micro” enterprise class website could be designed around WordPress using only publicly available plugins (including some of our own). Once we finished this showcase, however, we decided that we liked it so much that it became the official

Among the plugins in this version:

The only real edit we made is to the Hello Dolly plugin — we replaced the lyrics with those from the Muppet’s Christmas Carol. In addition, our µMint Plugin makes use of Shaun Inman’s excellent Mint statistics platform.

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