Painted Rock Communications has worked with companies both small and large, commercial and non-profit to provide tailored services to meet our clients needs. We’ve worked with small and large nonprofit groups, local businesses and large multinational businesses. We’ve even worked with humanitarian aid groups in Africa to help them publish information remotely and stay in sync with each other and their home office in the United States. Painted Rock Communications strives for innovative multimedia solutions and has worked with traditional print media and radio, as well as using podcasting and other “New Media” to help our clients achieve their goals. We’ve developed our own podcasting platform which we successfully use to host hundreds of thousands of downloads per month at a tiny fraction of what traditional servers would cost.

Non-Profit >

Writing grants is hard for small non-profits, but Painted Rock Communications has helped non-profits to successfully navigate the murky waters and get the grants they need. In addition, we can provide custom advertisement design and delivery to help spread your message. And we know how tight your budget is as a non-profit — we’ve all worked at non-profits ourselves — so we can find a solution to meet even the smallest of budgets.

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Small Business >

Your small business has serious communications needs: e-mail, calendar and contacts are always provided, but are they good? Why should your business have to use a second rate product just because “enterprise” class solutions cost tens of thousands of dollars. At Painted Rock Communications we are pioneers in the use of ‘micro’ Enterprise solutions, such as Zimbra, SugarCRM, Alfresco and more which allow businesses with only a handful of employees to take advantage of the productivity gains that Enterprise class solutions provide.

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