Non-Profit Services

Running a non-profit is hard. You have all the needs of an enterprise without the enterprise budget. That’s why Painted Rock Communications is committed to helping no-profits through the murkey waters of the grant process. In addition, though the use of innovate technologies and Open / Shared Source software, Painted Rock Communications can provide the enterprise grade services your non-profit needs at prices that fit a non-profit budget.

Non-Profit Enterprise Solutions >

At Painted Rock Communications we don’t think you should have to sacrifice quality or functionality just because you are on a limited budget. Painted Rock Communications gives your non-profit the tools it needs without breaking the bank.

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Grant Writing and Application >

Writing a successful grant application is tough in the best of times. With times as the are now, it’s nearly impossible. Painted Rock Communications can help you write an effective grant application and mange the complexities of the grant application process.

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Grant Review and Management >

Running a grant process is a time consuming and often thankless task prone to error and scandal. With our cutting edge software, Painted Rock Communications can reduce error and vastly simplify the grant management process.

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