Non-Profit Enterprise Solutions

At Painted Rock Communications we don’t think you should have to sacrifice quality or functionality just because you are on a limited budget — we’ve all worked at non-profits and hate having to give up time saving tools just because of a limited budget. Your non-profit has the same IT and advertising needs as any other enterprise, but you have only a limited budget. Painted Rock Communications has worked long and hard to find Open Source and Shared Source software solutions that meet or exceed legacy enterprise products. In fact, there are several applications that we originally deployed for non-profits that so exceeded legacy solution that they have become our standard for all enterprise customers.

Running a non-profit is more than just offices and ideas. You need to get your message out there. And our advertising department can help you get your message to your customers without spending so much that you cannot complete your primary mission. Because we go beyond traditional paid advertising to help you find PSAs and other low cost exposure we can significantly increase your ad exposure without major increases in ad spending. Furthermore, our experience Ad team can take away the headache of managing an advertising campaign so that you can focus on the important thing — running your non-profit.

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