Grant Writing and Application

One of the scariest tasks that every non-profit administrator must undertake is the grant and budgeting process. Painted Rock Communications can take that burden off your shoulders and successfully navigate your non-profit through the murky waters of the grant process. With our advanced grant application management software we can help you keep track of important deadlines and make sure that all of your documents are delivered on time and to the right people. Don’t worry about losing a grant because of a misdirected envelope or a complex form with a little mistake, we can review your forms for accuracy and completeness.

A grant is more than just checkboxes and forms. You’ll be competing against dozens or hundreds of other applicants for scarce grant money. Painted Rock Communications’ experienced team can make your grant stand out of the crowd. Every non-profit we’ve encountered has had unique and compelling attributes, yet grant applications often fail to highlight these features. Our third party perspective gives Painted Rock Communications the distance we need to present your non-profit to the most of it’s ability.

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